Services & Fees

free phone consultation

I provide a free phone consultation prior to our first psychotherapy or energy healing session.  This gives us the opportunity to connect, ask questions, and determine whether we are a good fit to work together.  This also provides me with a better understanding of your needs so that I can work with you in the ways that are the most supportive and empowering for you.

Virtual psychotherapy sessions

$180 for 60-minute virtual psychotherapy session (taxes included), $260 for 90-minute session (taxes included). Talk Therapy and Holistic Psychotherapy sessions are available through secure video platform on Jane App or by phone. Please note that virtual psychotherapy services are only available to residents of Ontario.  Registered Psychotherapists are covered by many health insurance plans.  Please check with your insurance provider to ensure that you are covered prior to booking. I do not have any sliding scale spots available at this time. 

Virtual energy healing sessions

$180 for 50-minute virtual energy healing session (taxes included). Intuitive energy healing sessions may integrate multiple energy healing modalities depending on your individual needs. These modalities may include the Emotion Code, Reiki, remote muscle testing/applied kinesiology, identifying and releasing negative beliefs and programming. Please note that energy healing is not a substitute for medical or mental health care, but it can act as a complimentary therapy. I will not provide medical advice nor deter you from continuing with any other treatments that you are receiving. Energy healing sessions are not currently covered by health insurance plans.

book a free consultation

Are you interested in learning more about Thrive with Kali? Please reach out for a free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for each other.