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Holistic Psychotherapy

A holistic approach to psychotherapy recognizes that our traumas and struggles don’t just affect our mind – they also affect our body, our nervous system and energy system, and our spirit.

a "bottom up approach"

While talk therapy is the foundation of all of my therapy practice, there are situations when using a holistic approach can be helpful. It can be difficult to rationalize with your mind when it’s in a fear state or when it has very strong limiting beliefs or chronic stress or trauma. You may feel good after a therapy session but then find yourself struggling again between sessions, because you go back to old patterns.

When working solely with the mind isn’t working, we can use a “bottom up approach” instead. Our brain, our body, our nervous system, and our energy system are all connected and they communicate with each other. When you cannot access your mind to tell it you are safe, you can instead work with the body so that it can send the message to your mind to calm down so that you can feel safe again and change longstanding patterns that are causing stress.

A holistic approach to psychotherapy can:

  • Reset your nervous system so that you can shift out of chronic stress
  • Assist with healing chronic anxiety and fear
  • Release unhelpful and stuck patterns
  • Help you to process emotions and traumas when you aren’t even sure where they come from
  • Regulate your emotions so that you feel safer to feel them and change them
  • Help you to release old traumas & limiting beliefs
  • Relax your body and mind to help facilitate physical healing and chronic body pain
  • Help you to build a “toolbox” of evidence-informed strategies that you can use in your daily life or when you are triggered
  • Regain your belief in yourself and your ability to feel safe to change and grow into the life that you want.

Holistic psychotherapy combines talk therapy with evidence-informed somatic (body) techniques, skills teachings, and energy psychology practices to help your whole system feel calmer and safer. 

Our work together can also involve teaching you and guiding you through simple, evidence-informed strategies that you can use in your daily life to help you to heal.  These techniques are short in length – I know you’re busy and don’t have time for meditating for hours a day or changing your whole life.  My goal is to find the tools for you that fit with your life and your comfort level so that healing doesn’t have to be a full-time job.  These tools can also help you to regain your belief in yourself and your ability to handle stress and shift the patterns that have been standing in the way of living the life that you desire. 

Healing doesn’t just happen through the mind. 
It also involves our body and our nervous system.


All of my work is custom-designed just for you and what you need and feel most comfortable with. As such, I offer a wide range of holistic strategies for you to choose from. These can include:

  • Biofeedback and nervous system regulation strategies
  • Skills teaching
  • Guided somatic processing techniques
  • Clinical Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT Tapping)
    (talk therapy with self-acupressure tapping)
  • Mindfulness-based relaxation strategies
  • Applied Kinesiology (muscle-testing)
  • Reiki (Certified Level 3 Practitioner)
  • The Emotion Code® (Certified Practitioner)
  • Heartmath® stress reduction practices (Certified
    Clinical Practitioner)
  • Energy psychology practices
  • Identifying and releasing limited beliefs, unhelpful
    emotions and programming that are contributing to distress and imbalances

I am here to support you as a whole and unique person – regardless of what you are struggling with.  Please contact me for a free phone consultation to find out how holistic psychotherapy can help.

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